JMD Retirement Coaching

Adding life to your years

What is retirement coaching? 

When most people consider retirement, the priority is around a financial plan however a balanced retirement plan should encompass all aspects of life! At the core of retirement success is retirement health. The goal of retirement coaching is to individualize, guide and support overall health and wellness during this meaningful shift; spending time with the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual aspects of retirement preparation, transition and fulfillment.

Why a retirement coach? 

Money provides the means, but is not the end. Retirement is a significant and very personal life event. How do you plan to make it your own? What will get you (and keep you) going? What obstacles will hold you back? A retirement coach can help guide this transition using retirement readiness tools and experience. Who doesn’t appreciate a gym buddy to support you especially in those hard to deal with areas of life.

How does it work?

An individual coaching package usually consists of 3 separate sessions of about 2 hours each spaced ~3 weeks apart.

Weekly retirement bootcamp sessions are also available through Norwood Community Centre to promote health, well-being and peer-to-peer connections. Our second season of program will run from Sept/21 – Apr/22. Find out more at

Retirement retreats (approx. 3 days) are being created and will be posted here once finalized. If interested in taking part (as participant or instructor) please send a note.

There are no hard and fast rules here. Please reach out if you’re interested and we can find a coaching package to meet your needs. I’m mobile within southern MB and also able to work virtually.

Email Jay at for questions

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