“Be the [Leader] you wish to see in the world”

I do see the irony in changing this great quote by Mahatma Gandhi.  From my google search, it appears the next closest quote is by Simon Sinek (“Be the leader you wish you had”).  It’s all dancing around the same idea…to be the best leaders we can be in our everyday lives….being a better parent,Continue reading ““Be the [Leader] you wish to see in the world””

What does it mean to talk mental and emotional health?

To set the stage, let’s first discuss the word perfect.  From childhood schooling, along with being raised by parents who grew up with a similar education, we learn there’s truly a perfect score or grade or thing in life (10/10, 100%, 4.0GPA, shiny new toy, awards).  Understandably, we begin to associate these achievements in academicContinue reading “What does it mean to talk mental and emotional health?”