The Big Why

Schooling helped promote structure, socialization, learning and growth to prepare us for adulthood. The workforce continued this maturation with grades being exchanged for financial reward. Now, who’s got your back in retirement? Where’s the HR department?

Retirement offers the gift of time for which many of us have never developed the skill set to manage by ourselves. You are now the boss! Money provides the means but is not the end. What does retirement mean for you? Is keeping busy the same as being fulfilled? Have you sacrificed so much of yourself, you don’t even know how to look after yourself? Whatever it is, chances are you’re not alone. Instead of avoiding these questions and accepting leisure by default…I want to help retirees check-in to their own well-being so it can be leveraged in their families and communities. The world needs what only your story can offer and I want to help make that happen. What do you have to lose?

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