JMD Retirement Coaching

Adding life to your years

What is retirement coaching? 

When most people consider retirement, the priority is around a financial plan however a balanced retirement plan should encompass all aspects of life! The goal of retirement coaching is to individualize, guide and support overall wellness during this meaningful shift; spending time with the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual aspects of retirement preparation, transition and fulfillment.

Why a retirement coach? 

Money provides the means, but is not the end. Retirement is a significant and very personal life event. What will get you (and keep you) going? What obstacles will hold you back? A retirement coach can help guide this transition using retirement readiness tools. The right answers (for you) can be found when the right questions are asked. Let a coach help you learn more about you!

How does it work?

An individual coaching package usually consists of 3 separate sessions of about 2 hours each spaced ~3 weeks apart.

Weekly & Monthly group workshops are also available to promote peer-to-peer connections.

Retirement retreats/bootcamps (approx. 3 days) are being created and will be posted here once finalized. If interested in taking part (as participant or instructor) please send a note.

There are no hard and fast rules here. Please reach out if you’re interested and we can find a coaching package to meet your needs. I’m mobile within southern MB and also able to work virtually.

Email JMD at for questions